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This page is designed to help you Install The 4th Coming Software


  1. In order to play T4C you MUST either Sign up for a new account.
  2. You must activate your account with the Key Code you received in your email.
  3. After your account is activated you may download the software. Then save it to your Hard Drive.

  4. After the download is complete select the file and double click on it this should start the installation.
  5. When you initially connect the T4C client will start a large download of about 140 megs. This will take some time. The client download was designed to resume downloads from any point that it is interrupted. So if you loose your connection just log back on and resume the download, it will restart from the point you stopped downloading.
  6. Windows '95/'98 requires a DirectX driver to play graphical games. If you do not have a recent DirectX driver installed download DirectX 6.0 and save it to your Hard Drive. Open the file and run it.