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Grapevine T4C Player Code Of Conduct
Grapevine T4C Player Code Of Conduct
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Welcome to Grapevine! We are glad that you have chosen our server for your gaming experience. Grapevine is a family-oriented server, striving to provide a quality experience players of all ages. In order to ensure and enjoyable time for all, we have established a general code of conduct to help guide your play here. Please take the time to read this code of conduct, as it tells you not only what you are responsible for, but also what you can expect from others and how to resolve any questions or disputes.
Every player must read this code as a condition of playing here.
There are four sections:
 General Server Guidelines
 Server Language Guidelines
 Play/PvP Guidelines.
 Methods of Problem Resolution
Questions about any part of the Code may be directed to any GM or to the sysop, at t4c@thevine.net.
General Server Guidelines
The following are general guidelines of acceptable behavior while playing T4C at Grapevine:
A. Nothing Illegal: If you are found violating any law of California or the United States of America, or any level of your local government, your account may be deleted immediately, without notice and without compensation. This includes the discussion of, or supporting of illegal activities in shouts.
B. Interfering With the Server: Any use of in-game macros & behaviors that players can use to cause server lag or crashes and player lag or crashes is against server rules. This includes strategies calculated to crash the Gamebot. We will suspend or delete your account if you are caught.
C. Use of automated bots: Any use of automated bots will result in the deletion of characters. The bots cause unfair advantage and can cause unpredictable damage to the server.
D. No Impersonation: You may not impersonate another player or GM in any way. This is a serious crime at Grapevine and it will not be tolerated in any form. Also, some character and GM names have been retired out of respect for their contribution to the realm. You may be asked by a GM to change your name if it is too similar to an existing player and might cause confusion.
E. Respect Anonymity: You may not reveal any personal information about another player. This includes email addresses, real life addresses, descriptions of age or living arrangements and anything else that a player might wish not to reveal about themselves. Many players value their anonymity - please respect it. If you need to contact a GM or the sysop, please use the email addresses posted on the Grapevine Website.
F. No Advertising: You may not advertise, anything here, in shouts, pages, or on the message board except for services directly useful to players for the purpose of playing T4C at Grapevine. For example, you may advertise guild events or social events, but you may not shout or page about other servers you like, try to involve people in "affiliate" programs, or advertise your website unless it directly serves the players. If in doubt, contact Boboh at T4C@thevine.net to discuss the issue. Violators will be warned/punished! Persistent violators will be banned!
G. Exploiting Bugs:
 1. No Exploiting Bugs: There are occasions when bugs in the game can be exploited to the great benefit of players who know how to use them to their advantage. Players who are caught exploiting any such bugs whether its to either gain for themselves, cause others harm, or just for the sake of exploiting one, may be punished without warning. We reserve the right to suspend or even delete accounts of players that exploit any bugs. This includes robbing/PvP in non-PvP zones. Please report any bugs or exploits to Grapevine for our review.
 2. Other Punishment: Note that when someone has been caught cheating in this way we will ban ALL of their accounts, not just the one used for cheating. Note also that if you "loaned" your account to the cheater, then it will be banned too, because we have no way of knowing which accounts are owned by the cheater, except by noting which ones were logged into from the same computer. If the cheater used the same computer to log onto your account, then we will ban your account too.
 3. False claims of Bug Abuse or Harassment: Will be dealt with appropriatly. Any proposed punishment will be reflected upon the player who filed unjustly. As in all cases false reports are a waste of resources.
H. Selling of accounts, characters or ingame property: Is NOT allowed on this server. It is against the rules to sell accounts, characters or ingame property on this server. Grapevine offers no protection for such transactions and will always side with the person who proves creation of the account.
Server Language Guidelines
The following guidelines help to define what is acceptable use of language on the Grapevine server. Following these guidelines helps us to provide a large number of players with an enjoyable experience. Please take the time to review them.
A. English is the language for the Main channel: We also have channels Brazil for Portugese and channel French for French. This helps to avoid confusion and clogging of the channels in the realm. Foul words in any language will not be tolerated on Main, Brazil or French. You may use whatever language you please in channels that you create. Requests for additional Language channels will most likely be granted.
B. No Harassment: Harassment of other players in shouts, or overheads, will not be tolerated. Harassment (sexual or otherwise) is a Real Life legal issue, and we will call the Real Life police in serious cases. Do not count on Internet anonymity - the police have the ability to track you down very easily.
C. Personal attacks: Personal attacks are accosting another player in main, or overheads, usually with accusations, foul language, telling them to shut up, or name-calling. These may also be grounds for shout removal. The length of this shout removal will be determined by the nature of the offense, and whether or not it is a repeat occurrence. The GM that removed the shouts will determine the time of shout loss. It is not open for discussion amongst other players.
D. No Spamming: Spamming, a repetitive speech, page, shout or game action that inhibits regular game-play will not be tolerated. This includes names of Characters that are obviously made as a form of spamming. Violators will be warned/punished! Persistent violators will be banned!
E. Swearing and Other Shout Abuse:
 1. Swearing: Please be courteous and respectful at all times while playing at Grapevine. Swearing is offensive to many players and is monitored by the GMs. The Gamebot has a list of offensive language and will automatically remove shouts for words on its list. GMs and some selected players also have the ability to remove shouts for offensive language. Using languages other than English to swear is not allowed and will result in loss of shouts. The duration of the shout removal will depend on the nature of the offense and whether this is a recurring problem or a first offense.
 2. Other Offensive Language: Offensive language is not simply a matter of which words you use; any impolite, suggestive, or disrespectful behavior in public channels (including overheads) may cost you your shouts. There are words that are offensive just by themselves but people differ in their tolerance. Lewd, sexually suggestive, or language used to belittle or personally attack another player may be deemed offensive, even if none of the actual words were offensive. The Grapevine GMs will make the determination of what is appropriate and accepted language.
 3. Masking: Any words that are considered illegal on this server will also be considered illegal if they are masked. For instance, using any series of letters of that foul word with symbols in the place of the letters in that word is masking. This also applies to using symbols as a form of suggestive or insulting pictograms.
 4. Harassment: Harassment is recurring shout abuse towards a certain individual over a period of time. If you have a gripe with a player, and cannot solve it, or go your separate ways, then a GM can be called to mediate. Do not call on the GMs if you are not prepared to live with their decision. Harassment is a serious issue and will be treated as such.
Play/PvP Guidelines
The following guidelines are some common sense suggestions on how to get along in a world with limited space and resources. We find that 90% of all arguments can be resolved with diplomacy and common sense. Remember, He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword!
A. Player Versus Player (PvP):
 1. PvP at Grapevine: Player versus player (PvP) combat is permitted here at Grapevine during regular game-play. To engage in PvP you must be at level 3 or above. At level 3, your PvP status is automatically "On". If you wish to avoid PvP, you must go to the members section of the GV website and set your PvP to off.
 2. Beyond this there are no rules for PvP: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. A level-100 player may come down and kill you for sport. On the other hand, there are some player-led events (Cujo's Tournament Ladder for example) and some GM events which require PvP on in order to participate.
 3. If you do not wish to engage in PvP: You must log in to your account at the Grapevine web page and request that it be turned OFF. Note that once PvP has been turned On or Off, you will not be able to change it for two weeks.
 4. Death Drops: The taking of a Death Drop of someone you have killed IS NOT considered looting - To the victor go the spoils. Remember however, that if you engage in this behavior, you are not likely to get your items back if you are later killed. Many on GV follow a code of not taking a death drop after PvP. Break this code at your own risk
 5. GMs do not generally get involved in PvP issues: In rare instances, however, they may choose to do so. In the case that "Grief Killing" (repetitive killing of the same character over and over) or temple trapping, they may get involved. GM decisions are final.
B. Safe Zones: There are certain areas in the realm that are considered "safe" zones. These include all of the Gateway Stonehenge's, Temples, and Lighthaven Town. You are not permitted to use any PvP skill/attack in these areas. This includes "PvP holes" in those safe zones. Using any PvP skills/attacks in a Safe zone, is abusing a bug. There are PvP holes in many areas of the safe zones. Anyone caught using these holes for PvP will suffer the consequences. When in doubt, move away or find another location for PvP.
C. There are no Territorial Rights: All players are encouraged to share the wealth of the Realm. No player can lay claim to high-spawn monster fighting areas. If another player comes along and wishes to fight in the same area as you, they have every right to do so. As the number of players grows, there will obviously be less to go around in regular game-play. We recommend grouping and sharing experience, one killing while one spawns. Alternately, you can work out a time share. GMs will not get involved in arguments of "Kill stealing" or "Kill Drop looting".
D. Etiquette: Please be considerate of other players and their rights while playing here at Grapevine. All players have a right to hunt the monsters of their choosing. Although it is perhaps dishonorable to kill someone else's spawned monsters, some monsters will spawn in multiples, and it may be difficult to decide whose is whose. We recommend a bit of tact and respect. Players do not HAVE to leave an area because someone is already there. Please do not ask a GM to intercede in this issue; should you require a GM to intercede, you may not like the result.
Methods of Problem Resolution
While we would prefer to avoid problems, they sometimes happen. The following are methods that we encourage you use to resolve disputes here at Grapevine.
A. Players: The first step is to try to talk out the problem with the other party. Take a deep breath and try to see their side of the issue as well. If you are from a guild, or they are, you might try to get your guild leader or their guild leader involved as mediators. Alternately, you might ask a player you both respect to come act as a mediator. Concentrate on finding a solution to the problem rather than on assigning blame. Usually Players can find a way to work things out among themselves.
B. GMs: If you are totally unable to resolve the situation between you, and you feel that the situation is serious enough. Try to contact a GM. Be warned, however, that if you do this, then the GMs ruling in the situation is the final word. Do not try to contact another GM hoping for a different answer. If you truly feel that the GM was in error, then use the process described below to lodge a complaint.
C. Sysop: If your problem is with account issues, payment issues, or database errors, notify the sysop - t4c@thevine.net. All decisions by the Sysop are also final
D. Appeals: If you feel that a GM acted improperly, is harassing you, or has engaged in improper conduct, you can fill out the GM Complaint Form found in the Help section of the Grapevine Web site. Please fill the form out completely and be as specific as you can. If you have your logs turned on in the option screen, please send a copy of any pertinent logs with your complaint.
Notice! The GMs and Sysop reserve the right to make amendments and changes to this code as deemed necessary without prior notice. Such changes will be announced in full on the Grapevine Website and on the Message board.
Note: These rules apply to your account regardless of who is playing on the account. If you allow another person access to your account and they violate this code, then the punishment will still stand. In the case of the more serious infractions involving banning of accounts, all your accounts will be banned, not just the one used for the cheating. We recommend that you do not allow others to use your account, and that you change your password frequently.